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If you have questions regarding the rules please discuss them on BoardGameGeek, or ask them in the Facebook Group.

About Western Empires

A copy of Western Empires costs € 120. This includes VAT (Value-added tax) if this applies to the country you’re shipping to. Please be aware that on top of this, import duties may apply to your shipment.
That depends on what country you live in. We ship from the Netherlands. These shipping costs will be added automatically during checkout. Once the online store is up and running you'll be able to check the shipping costs.
Yes. Western Empires and Eastern Empires will both contain 9 copies of each Advance each, so all players can hold a copy of each card.
Yes. We’ve listened to all your feedback. For Western Empires we’ve split the game into two equal stand-alone games and added some new elements. The new edition is the western part of the full game Mega Civilization. It can be played by 5-9 players but still is a game that takes 8-12 hours to play. It also contains rules for a ‘short’ game of 4-6 hours. If you own the future release of ‘Eastern Empires’ and ‘Western Empires’ together, you can combine them to make ‘Mega Empires’, which can be played by 5-18 players, similar to the release of 2015. Eastern Empires can be played as a stand-alone game, just like Western Empires. Western Empires will contain some upgraded game components.
No. As the game is smaller than Mega Civilization it will be sold in a cardboard box (with cover art) which will reduce production and transportation costs.
Yes, the Civilization Advances and game board will have the same quality and size. The trade cards will come in a new set. Those cannot be mixed with Mega Civilization.
The game has been developed by Flo de Haan, Gerart de Haan and John Rodriguez. Most of the production team of 999 Games of the previous release is working on the new publication again.
No. This is 100% a 999 Games edition.
For now, the 2019 release will only be in English. Who knows what the future might bring.
Yes. It will be sold at the webshop at where it can be ordered and shipped worldwide.
No. Western Empires will not be sold in game stores but exclusively online at .
For now, Western Empires will be exclusively on sale online at
You can download the Western Empires Rulebook here:

About Eastern Empires

Updates about the release of Eastern Empires will follow later.

About Mega Civilization

Please fill in the contact form on this website and we will get back to you regarding your missing components.
Please search for a thread on Boardgamegeek on the topic. Maybe it has already been answered. If you cannot find the answer, open a new thread. The designers John, Flo and Gerart will respond, if not already responded by other players of Mega Civilization.
A list of errata will be published here.
No, the upgrades in the release of Western Empires will not be for sale separately. Western Empires is a new edition with a new approach.

About the Errata-/Upgrade Kit

Please send a message by using this contact form and add your contact details. Once more information is available we will get in touch with you. If you already left your contact-data at Florian Buhr you will receive a similar email soon.
Yes, The Errata Kit will be free of charge for people who own a copy of Mega Civilization. Please note that the price in the shop for the Errata kit will initially show € 20,-. Fill in your exclusive coupon code that was sent to you and the price will be € 0,- On top of that, delivery for the Errata Kit will be free of charge. However, if you also order the upgrade kit, there will be shipping costs involved.
If you have more than one copy, please notify 999 Games by replying to the email 'Order your Errata or Upgrade Kits now'. You will receive additional coupon codes for your copies of Mega Civilization.
The Upgrade kit costs € 14,99,- plus shipping (which will differ depending on your region).


There were some issues with using the name ‘Civilization’. We can no longer use that name and decided to move on with the Western/Eastern/Mega Empires branch.
Western Empires is part of a bigger concept referred to as 'Mega Empires', which by itself is an upgraded edition of a game published in 2015 called 'Mega Civilization'. Western Empires is only half of that game. Despite the fact it may look similar to the classic game called 'Civilization', and in fact was originally started as a tribute to that game, 'Mega Empires' is quite different. This is the main reason why the name changed to 'Mega Empires' and the name 'Civilization' is no longer used. 'Mega Empires' can be played by 5-18 players, and both 'Western Empires' and 'Eastern Empires' can either be played stand alone y 5-9 players as equally balanced yet different games, or be combined to a large game. A full game takes 12 hours to play, and shorter scenarios are included. Compared to classic Civilization, many rules were deleted, added, or changed but most of all streamlined. The focus of 'Empires' is to make the game 100% realtime, using a phase-base, rather than any turn-by-turn procedure that the original game followed. This reduced much downtime and lets players play rather than wait for their turn. The number of advances is tripled. The size and number of areas on the mapboard is tripled for Mega Empires. The number of players is more than doubled. 'Empires' adds much more flavor, both in colour, artwork and in historical background than 'Civilization'. Some terms, names for advances, commodities or calamities were kept, though the rulings for these cards, or their frequency might have changed radically. The adding of many more cards leads to a wide range of new strategies to explore. Player aids make the game more easy to play. The game can be played with the new 'Special Building Expansion'. and also the game is prepared for further expansion in the 'Empires'-branch.

About the Special Buildings Expansions

It is an expansion to MEga Empires, consisting of two boxes that each include 9 miniatures of historical buildings belonging to the civilizations in the game and a rulebook. The miniatures are placed on the map board during the game. They do not only bring flavor to the game, but each building also grants various benefits to the constructor as well as to the conqueror of opponents buildings.
The Special Buildings Expansions are compatible with Western Empires and Eastern Empires. During the game players may choose to construct a special building which grants specific benefits and victory points. The Western Empires Special Buildings Expansion can be combined with Eastern Empires and the Eastern Empires Special Buildings Expansion altogether. It is recommended to use this expansion only once you are familiar with the basic game.
Yes, you can. Please click the link(s) below to download the rules for the Special Buildings Expansions.
The miniatures vary in size but all are under a square inch (25 mm). They are deliberately kept small since the special buildings have to be placed on the playing board where in some regions it can get pretty crowded as it is.
No, they come in a monochrome plastic. You can keep it that way or paint them yourself. We'd love to see how they turn out so don't hesitate to share some pictures.